ZOW Kompakt ORSIAD - Show Newspaper

ZOW İstanbul 2014 visitors had the chance to follow the latest news about ZOW Istanbul and the industry from our daily show newspaper 'ZOW Kompakt ORSIAD Gazetesi’. The content of the newspaper was designed to update, inform and brief our visitors and exhibitors about ongoing activities including the comments of our exhibitors.

For soft copies of the ZOW Kompakt ORSIAD Newspaper you may visit www.zow.com.tr or www.orsiad.com.tr.


Essentials Seminar Program 2014

organized with KONSEPT PRJELER®
21-22 MART / MARCH 2014

"Design Formed by Culture"
with the attendance of

Massimo Iosa GHINI



Industrial Professionals will meet at ZOW Istanbul between 20-23rd of March 2014 for the 6th edition in Turkey. Over 15.000 professsionals from 85 Countries, from Russias to Saudi Arabia, from Iran to Algeria, from Iraq to Italy visit ZOW Istanbul annually in a unique business atmosphere. The future of Furnitures with Nanotechnologic materials and solutions will also be presented in Hall 10 Innovation Center.


Hall and Site Plan

The map shows the layout of the halls, car parks and access routes.